NA-75 Daska- education, health and employment are the main issues of the voters

 Voters concerned about high inflation and rising unemployment in the area

NA-75 Daska is the national assembly constituency in District Sialkot which consists of the Daska tehsil and some villages of Tehsil Pasrur. Majority of population lives in rural areas of the constituency.  The voters complain that this constituency lacks basic facilities like education, health, clean drinking water, sanitation system and good quality of roads and transport.  

The three main issues of the constituency are education, health and employment.  In some areas, clean drinking water and drainage are major issues.  Even though, the literacy rate in Daska city is 90% which is quite high. But the area lacks the higher education facilities.  

Many areas of the constituency lack education facilities and specially secondary and higher education. The constituency needs more colleges for girls and boys. The area also lacks the presence of vocational training centres to develop skilled human resource.  

Even clean drinking water is not widely accessible. The drainage system is so poor that when it rains even a little bit, the entire city turns into a dam. The urban and rural areas, both, are severely in need of attention.

Daska Civil Hospital needs more resources to provide free and cheap health facilities to the people of the area. The facilities need to be enhanced and upgraded. The availability of doctors round the clock is also needed.

The ruling party always has advantage to get votes on the promises to provide different facilities and initiating development work. PTI has the same advantage in tomorrow’s bypolls in this constituency. Even though, PML-N candidates won the last three general elections in this constituency. Murtaza Amin won in 2008; Syed Iftikhar ul Hassan won it in 2013 and 2018 on PML-N ticket.

PML-N government in Punjab from 2008 to 2018 did some development work in the constituency. But it was not enough to satisfy the demands of the area people. PML-N government also upgraded the Civil Hospital in Daska.

                                                       Rukhsana Manzoor Deputy Editor

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