West Bengal assembly elections- Landslide victory for Mamata led TMC

 TMC won 215 seats, BJP 75 seats while Congress and Left parties trounced

In a hotly contested assembly elections in West Bengal, the ruling TMC led by Mamata Banerjee defeated BJP. She is poised to become Chief Minister of West Bengal for the third time in a row. She became chief Minister in 2011 after ending 32 years rule of Left Front. 
 Most of the Exit Polls released on Thursday April 30 were predicting a TMC victory with reduced seats. But contrary to Exit Polls, TMC has even increased its tally today. TMC won 215 seats.  147 seats required to win the simple majority to form the government. 
BJP campaign was led by PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah but they failed to dethrone the ruling TMC. BJP was expecting to perform better and cross the hundred mark. But it finished with 75 seats. It is a setback for BJP as the hype was created.  
Congress has failed to won a single seat and completely routed. The Left parties also failed to won a single seat. THe CPI-M led Left Front ruled the West Bengal for nearly 32 years. It is a big setback for the Left parties which were used to dominate the politics of West Bengal for decades. A real soul searching needs to be done by the Left parties. 
it seems that defeat of BJP was the priority number of Bengal voters and they rallied behind Mamata Banerjee. They feared that split in the votes between TMC and Left might provided much needed opening to BJP. This anti-BJP sentiment squeezed the Congress and Left vote.  
                                                       Khalid Bhatti 

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