Western media's biased reporting on Israeli aggression against Palestine

Israel committing crimes against humanity but western media declaring it clashes or retaliation

The 'free media' of 'free western world' continue to call the Israeli aggression as escalating violence or clashes between Palestinian people and Israeli Army. The Western media gives the impression that Israel is retaliating to the attacks carried out by palestinian militants.
Israeli bombers have so far killed nearly 50 Palestinians including young children (boys and girls), fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers in Gaza. Hundreds are injured. Many homes destroyed in the air raids. Israeli fighter jets targeted the residential areas. They are targeting civilian population. They are killing unarmed human beings. The Palestine is bleeding again. The heart wrenching scenes of  young Palestinian children screaming and running in Gaza after their homes targeted by Israeli jets are not enough to prove the atrocities committed by Israel.  
 The western media hypocritically tries to hide the fact that Israel is occupying the Palestine lands. Israel has been using brutal state force against unarmed Palestinians. Israel is an attacker and Palestine is under attack. 
Western mainstream media portray the conflict as taking place between two equal powers when they discuss similarities in the rhetoric of both sides, a conclusion that is both incorrect and disingenuous.  

The western media used term like genocide and gross violations of human rights when China takes action against Uyghur Muslims in Chinese province of  Xinxiang. But when it comes to Israeli actions against palestinian people it becomes clashes or violent exchanges. 
The main purpose of biased reporting on Israel- Palestine conflict is to cover up the Israeli aggression and accesses. The language changes to shield the Israeli crimes against humanity, occupation, land grabbing, killing, imprisoning, destroying homes and forcefully evicting Palestinians from their agriculture lands. It is not Palestinian people who are using violence against Israel but on the contrary, Israel is using violence against palestinian people to kill their resistance. Palestinian people are resisting to save their homes, lives and livelihood. They are resisting daily abuse, humiliation and sufferings meted out to them by Israeli occupation forces.        
The matter of fact is that Israel is aggressor and palestinian people are victims. Israel has occupied the Palestine territories and continued to grab more Palestine lands for Jewish settlers. It is the Israel which is using force to continue the occupation. 
Israel has one of the most modern war machine and military in the world. The most modern war planes, bombers, tanks, guns and missiles.  And what palestinian people have, stones, some rockets and guns. There is no comparison between the two sides. How can any sane person  compare the battle between F-16s and human bodies and call it clash or violence. 
The western media hides the fact that Israel is using violence to suppress the Palestine people. Palestinians are forced out of their homes, attacked at their holy sites and made to watch as their children are once again massacred by those who have stolen and occupied their lands, the western media is engaging in another bout of equalising the unequal. 
The media’s language around this latest use of force by Israel in its forever war against Palestinians takes a familiar pattern, adding to a dictionary of distortion. The word “Palestine” has long since fallen out of use, while occupiers and religious zealots are marketed as “settlers” engaged in the act of “bringing to life” parched and empty land.

Language has become as effective a tool as land grabs and military force in erasing the aspirations and legitimate national identity of Palestinians

Now, as they forcibly expel Palestinian families with the help of state forces, it is being packaged as a real estate or legal dispute.  As the Israeli propaganda machine gives birth to these new terms, their adoption by the international media allows for the omission of other inconvenient facts, such as the expulsion of Sheikh Jarrah residents being predicated on a law of Jewish supremacy.

As lies perpetuate lies and “legal disputes” neatly mask a campaign of systematic displacement and ethnic cleansing of Palestine, any reaction to this injustice must also be distorted. 

That means using words like clashes to describe heavily armed police who resemble a state militia storming a sacred place of worship and attacking worshippers in the midst of their prayers on one of the most important nights in their religious calendar. The scenes inside al-Aqsa Mosque were ones of chaos, as smoke from tear-gas canisters, grenades and bullets shot by Israeli police injured hundreds of worshipers. 

The result is that Israel can kill with impunity. As the neoconservative worldview has increasingly shaped the trajectory of conflicts on the international stage, the media has followed its lead, excusing and at times promoting the invasion and occupation of Muslim countries under the pretexts of fighting terrorism, nonexistent weapons and women’s rights.

The latest bout of reporting on Israel/Palestine does little more than aid the oppressor while Palestinians are maimed and murdered. 

The words “clashes” and “scuffles” are an injustice to those attacked by a heavily armed, technologically advanced force that assists racist Zionist mobs in provoking a civilian population before launching attacks on them. 

                                                            Khalid Bhatti 

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