PTI on its way to get simple majority to form the government in Kashmir

 PPP has made strong come back and will be main opposition party in assembly

According to the unofficial results of AJK elections, PTI is cruising along to become the largest party and to win the simple majority of 23 seats to form its government. The 08 seats won by PTI from Pakistan reserved for Kashmiri refugees enabled the PTI government to achieve this milestone. PTI was expecting to win 05 seats but it won 03 more seats.  
PPP has made strong comeback after the disastrous results in the last elections in 2016. PPP could have been able to win 15 or more seats if equal playing field was provided.

 PPP is going to win 10 seats. 
Despite some defections, PPP has performed better than most political commentators and analysts were expecting. 
PML-N is the real loser of the night. PML-N has underperformed in some constituencies. Although, PML-N was the target of the political management before the elections but it still could have performed better. PML-N might end up winning 06 seats. PML-N is the runner up at least in the 26 constituencies. PML-N has lost four seats within the margin of 200 seats. Despite losing the election, PML-N has proved that it still enjoys considerable support in Kashmir. 
JKPP and MC has also won one seat each so far. 
                                                                                  Khalid Bhatti      

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