Afghanistan-12 American marines killed in Kabul airport blasts

 More than 60 killed including women and children while 153 injured in two explosions

At least 12 American marines have been killed and several injured in twin suicide attack outside Kabul airport. An Afghan official says at least 60 Afghans were killed and another 143 were wounded in the twin suicide attack outside Kabul airport. U.S. officials say 12 military service members were also killed in the attack outside the airport.

Two suicide bombers and gunmen have targeted crowds of Afghans flocking to Kabul's airport, in the waning days of a massive airlift that has drawn thousands of people seeking to flee the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

A U.S. official said the complex attack was believed to have been carried out by the Islamic State group. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the two blasts were near an airport entrance and a short distance away by a hotel.

Islamic State claims responsibility for suicide bombings; US, Afghan officials say 15 American soldiers, 143 Afghans injured. In a message shared on its Amaq News Agency, the group claims the blasts killed and wounded some 160, and includes a photo of a man it says was a suicide bomber.

The US general overseeing the evacuation from Afghanistan says the United States will “go after” the perpetrators of the Kabul airport attacks, if they can be found.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie says the attacks will not stop the United States from continuing its evacuation of Americans and others. McKenzie warns that there are still “extremely active” security threats at the airport in the Afghan capital.

“We expect these attacks to continue,” he says, adding that Taliban commanders have been asked to take additional security measures to prevent another suicide bombing on the airport’s perimeter. He says he sees no indication that the Taliban allowed today’s attacks to happen.

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