AJK Prime Minister-Sardar Abdul Qayum Khan Niazi nominated by PTI

Most favourite candidates of PTI for PM Sultan Mehmood and Tanvir Ilyas  left out

Sardar Abdul Qayum Khan Niazi MLA elected from LA-18 poonch has been nominated as PM candidate by PTI. He is likely to become the next Prime Minister of AJK as PTI enjoyed commanding majority in the assembly. Sardar Qayum Niazi  joined the PTI just before the AJK elections. He was in the Muslim Conference before.  
Prime Minister Imran Khan continued his tradition to choose surprise candidade as he did  in Punjab and KPK provinces. He picked unknown Usman Buzdar as CM Punjab and Mehmood Khan as CM KPK. Imran Khan continued his tradition to left out the front runners. Sardar Ilyas Tanvir and Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch was the front runners.
Both the speaker Anwar-ul-Haq and deputy speaker Ch Riaz Gujar were elected bagging 32 votes out of 53. The opposition candidates got 15 each. 

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