Vote of no- confidence moved against CM Balochistan Jam Kamal

 16 members of Baluchistan Assembly moved the no confidence motion 

16 members of Baluchistan assembly have moved no- confidence motion against Chief Minister Baluchistan Jam Kamal. The motion, signed by 16 MPAs, was submitted to the provincial assembly secretary.

MPA Naseer Ahmed Shahwani said that the motion of no confidence against the chief minister is based upon four points. “CM Kamal has no right to rule after the performance he has shown,” said Shahwani.

Other Opposition MPAs said that "everyone" wants this government to end owing to the current state of affairs. They said that "unrest, corruption, and plundering are rampant in Balochistan".

It stated that there was "extreme disappointment" and unrest in the province, while unemployment and performance of institutions had been badly affected because of Alyani's "bad governance".

It said Alyani had violated Article 37 (promotion of social justice and eradication of social evils) and 38 (promotion of social and economic well-being of the people) of the Constitution and passed budgets due to which poverty, deprivation and unrest had increased in areas of Balochistan.

The public was also feeling unprotected because of increasing incidents of robbery, kidnapping, murder and terrorism, it added.

Chief Minister Alyani had also adopted an "extremely non-serious attitude" towards problems related to ensuring fundamental and constitutional rights, the no-confidence motion stated, adding that gas, electricity and water shortages had occurred as a result.

The no-confidence motion was signed by 16 MPAs, including opposition leader Malik Sikander Khan, Sanaullah Baloch, Nasrullah Zehri, Asghar Ali Tareen, Zabid Ali Raiki, Younas Aziz Zehri, Akhtar Hussain Langove, Akbar Mengal, Raheem Mengal, Sham Lal, Ahmad Nawa, Shakeela Dehwar, Titus Johnson and Naseer Shahwani.

The opposition members has claimed that they the support of enough MPAs to remove the CM. However, they refused to reveal the names and total MPAs supporting this motion.  They said that a meeting will be called on the motion within seven days and by then; the number of supporters will reach the required amount.

The no- confidence motion will not succeed without the defection of at least 06 members of ruling party Baluchistan Awami Party (BAP). Some MPAs of BAP are not happy with CM Kamal including two former provincial ministers and speaker Baluchistan Assembly. But it is not yet clear whether they will openly rebel against CM and side with opposition.

This BAP group can play a decisive role to save or remove Jam Kamal.   

Meanwhile, Balochistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani said that the Opposition has the right to move a motion of no confidence but they should have the required number of supporters for it.

                                                           Khalid Bhatti 

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