PTI government added Rs 15. 5 trillion debt in 38 months

 Total government debt reached at Rs 40.27 trillion 

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ministers continue to accuse the previous governments of PPP and PML-N for piling up government Debt from 2008 to 2018. Both governments added Rs 18 trillion loans in 10 years.

While accusing the previous government for taking huge loans, PTI government continue to take new loans. PTI government led by PM Imran Khan has added Rs 15.5 trillion debts in just over three years. It is a staggering 62.86 % increase in just 38 months. It is feared that PTI government will leave behind even bigger mountain of government debt. 

PM Imran Khan also formed a commission to investigate the spending of loans from 2008 to 2018 but the report of that commission was never made public.

According to a State Bank report, PTI government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has added Rs 15.5 trillion loans in 38 months of its rule.  The federal government debt has increased by a whopping Rs 15, 547 billion to reach Rs 40, 279 billion (Rs 40.2 trillion) in 38 months. The federal government debt increased by 62.86 % from Rs 24, 732 billion (24.7 trillion) recorded in August 2018.

The national debt of the federal government reached Rs 26, 467.70 billion during the said period. The internal debt rose by Rs 9, 677 billion, while the external debt increased by Rs 5, 869 billion. The foreign debt of the federal government exceeded Rs 13, 811 billion.

The debt of the federal government in August 2018 stood at Rs 24, 732 billion, of which, the internal debt was Rs 16, 790 billion while the external debt Rs 7, 942 billion.

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