All is not seems well within PTI parliamentary party as MNAs expressed their concerns

Defence Minister Pervaiz Khatak walked out of PTI parliamentary party meeting in protest and other MNAs asked hard questions

According to the inside sources of PTI,  Defence Minister Pervaiz Khatak walked out of the PTI parliamentary party meeting after criticising the Prime Minister Imran Khan on gas policy. He also criticised the energy minister Hammad Azhar for gas shortage.
According to sources, Prime minister Imran khan wants to leave the meeting but senior ministers convinced him not to do this. PM Imran Khan was not happy the way Pervaiz Khatak expressed his anger. Later Pervaiz Khatak also joined the meeting as senior PTI leaders approached him. 
PTI government might be able to pass the mini budget and State Bank autonomy bill today from the national assembly. But this will not help the PTI government to overcome the internal fissures. The differences exist inside the PTI. 
Later Pervaiz Khatak denied that he walked out of the meeting. He said that he came out the meeting for smoking. But he did accepted that he presented his point of view to the PM Imran Khan. After Pervaiz Khatak, some other MNAs also expressed concern about the price hike ad they said they no longer in the position to face their voters. 
The parliamentary party meeting was called to brief the parliamentarians belonging to ruling PTI and allied parties. Nearly 144 members of national assembly belonging to ruling party and allied parties attended the meeting. The government wants 
Another PTI MNA Noor Alam Khan also some hard questions regarding State Bank autonomy and Mini budget. Some other legislatures also asked questions regarding the rising prices and inflation. 
The atmosphere in the parliamentary party meeting was tense. 
It seems that PTI legislatures are not happy with the government on issues like price hike and rising unemployment. They told the prime minister that they are facing opposition in their constituencies due to high inflation.

It will be wrong to assume that PTI will fell apart immediately but storm is certainly brewing. It is also not a storm in a tea cup. The situation is seems serious this time. What happened in the parliamentary party meeting is like tremors before a serious earth quack. 
The time is running out for PTI government to control the rising inflation. PTI law makers are worried about the next general elections and their reelection.  Many will jump off the PTI ship if they consider that it is sinking.  
                                                                     Khalid Bhatti 

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