Murree administration sealed 15 hotels for overcharging tourists during snowstorm

Tourists complained that rent of hotel rooms were increased from 300% to 600% to fleece them

After the Murree tragedy, the Punjab government and district administration took action against the hotels which were making illegal profits from tourists. So far, 15 hotels in Murree have been sealed due to complaints of overcharging from tourists.

According to a statement issued by the district administration, the action was taken by the Murree assistant commissioner on complaints received through social media and at the Murree control room.    

The Punjab government has launched a crackdown against hotels in Murree for charging massive rents from tourists on the fateful Friday night. At least 23 people died of cold and asphyxiation in Murree after they were stranded in their cars during a snowstorm on January 7.

According to tourists, hotel owners jacked up accommodation charges, forcing people to spend the night in their cars. 15 hotels in the hill station were sealed after social media posts calling them out for overcharging people went viral. The authorities have refused to share the names of the hotels.

It added that the sealed hotels were located on Abu Dhabi Road, Kuldana Road, Upper Jhika Gali Road and Bank Road. The development comes days after the deaths of 23 citizens who were stranded in snow amid a tourist influx that led to hours-long traffic jams on roads leading to the hill station.

Many tourists later complained on social media that hoteliers had pushed up prices to capitalise on stranded customers, prompting them to sleep in cars.

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