Where does health budget of KP go? asks CJP

 No work has been done by the provincial government in the health sector in KP

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed remarked that no work has been done by the provincial government in the health sector in the province. The remarks were given when SC bench was hearing the case regarding alarming surge in breast cancer cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Hearing a case relating to rising cases of breast cancer in the province, the chief justice asked, "Where are the billions of rupees of the KP government going?" There are no X-ray machines or oxygen systems available in government hospitals in KP, observed the CJP. "Ineligible people were hired on recommendations from top to bottom in KP hospitals," the CJP remarked.

During the hearing, the advocate general told Justice Gulzar that the KP government has started issuing health cards to its citizens so that they can avail various health facilities.

Additionally, he stated that every registered citizen will be given a treatment facility of up to Rs1 million.

In response to this, the chief justice said, "You must have allocated Rs5 to 6 billion so that people can make money out of it."

Speaking about Balochistan, Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhel said that no open-heart surgery has been performed in Balochistan to date.

"Where does the health budget of Balochistan go?"

The case hearing of the case was subsequently adjourned for a week.

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