70% Pakistanis are not satisfied with the economic direction of the country- Pulse survey

69% consider overall direction of the country is not right while 50% hopeful that their situation will improve in the 2022


A recent Pulse Consultant opinion poll has revealed that 7 out of 10 Pakistanis or 70% respondents are not satisfied with the country’s economic policies, whereas 69% respondents expressed disappointment with the overall policies governing the country, but against all this, 50% respondents were hopeful that the New Year would free them of the present-day concerns.

The Pulse Consultants conducted an opinion poll between Jan 13 to 21, 2022 and asked  questions regarding economic direction, the country’s overall policies, political direction and hopes for the New Year. 2000 people across the country participated in the survey and expressed their opinion.

The poll found 70% respondents are not happy with the country’s economic policies, which means every 7 out of 10 Pakistanis are not satisfied; whereas 27% respondents said that they are satisfied with current economic policies. 

Interestingly, those considering the country to be headed the wrong way dropped to 66% from the previous 72%. By the same token, the approval rating for the country’s policies increased from 25% to 29%.

To the question about hopes for improvement of conditions for a person, a significant 50% expressed the hope that the new year would herald better conditions free of the prevailing worries and concerns, whereas 19% felt the situation to further worsen and, 24% felt the new year would reflect no new change and the prevailing circumstances would continue to play out.

As many as 60% expressed the hope that the new year would be better for their families, 14% thought the conditions would worsen and 17% respondents felt there would be no change.

                                                              Rukhsana Manzoor Deputy Editor

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