How the PTI changed its narrative from governace, economy and debts to anti-West and anti ECP

PTI has completely changed its political narrative in last four years from reforms and 'tabdeeli' to anti west and religious narrative 

The renowned Pakistani economist and columnist Dr Farrukh Saleem in his tweet has explained that  how the PTI leadership changed its focus and narrative away from issues like governace failures and national debts to an anti-West, anti-ECP  and more religious narrative. He has tweeted a graph with PM Imran Khan's picture that how PTI has transform itself during the 43 months rule. How the focus has been shifted from basic problems faced by the country to whip up anti-West propaganda to gain political support.  
Prime Minister Imran Khan in his speech yesterday in Kamalia public rally alleged that Nawaz Sharif already has managed Election Commission of Pakistan and his wants to manage the SC judges after his return from Britain. PM Imran Khan not only targeting the opposition leaders in his speeches but also trying to put pressure on the constitutional institutions like Election Commission. The ECP is hearing the case on PTI foreign funding and PTI leadership is not seems happy with it.   
Dr Farrukh Saleem tweeted that;
The PTI's U-turn couldn't be explained better in few words than Dr Farrukh Saleem's tweet. He has pointed out the big change in the politics and narrative of PTI in shortest possible way. 
PTI Manifesto 2018 identified 5 Problems:

1. Governance

2. National Debt  

3. Electricity Circular Debt

4. State Owned Enterprises

5. G Procurement

 PTI Slogans in 2022:

1. Anti America

 2. Anti West

3.  Anti EU

4.  Anti ECP

 5. Anti SC 
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