Opposition officially launched 'target Usman Buzdar' campaign

The opposition submitted no-confidence motion against CM Punjab Usman Buzdar in the assembly secretariat  


The joint opposition in Punjab has submitted a no-confidence motion against  CM Punjab Usman Buzdar today.  The motion has been submitted in the assembly secretariat. The motion says that CM Buzdar has lost the majority in the Punjab Assembly so he should be removed.  

It seems that opposition decided to submit the motion to stop CM Buzdar from dissolving the Punjab Assembly. 
The no-confidence move against CM Buzdar was on the cards for some time but it was delayed as the opposition was trying to strike a deal with government ally PML-Q. It seems that PML-N has settle the issues with PML-Q in Punjab. Ch Pervaiz Elahi  of PML-Q is the strongest contender to replace Buzdar as CM Punjab. According the sources, PML-N has agreed to support Ch Pervaiz Elahi as CM Punjab in return its support for no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan. 
 The disgruntled group within PTI known as Tareen group already announced to oust CM Buzdar.  The other factor is the  news reports appeared in the media about the possible dissolution of Punjab Assembly. Even though, the Punjab government denied the news but speculations are still going on. 
CM Buzdar is facing a revolt in ruling PTI  as Tareen group of the PTI wants to oust him. The opposition needs 186 members of the Punjab Assembly to remove the CM Punjab through the vote of no-confidence.  
The opposition submitted the motion after completing the numbers required to remove the CM Buzdar.  PM Imran Khan is already facing a motion of no-confidence in the National Assembly.
                                                                     Khalid Bhatti   

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