PTI troubles have increased in Punjab as senior PTI leader Aleem Khan Joins disgruntled Tareen group

 Aleem khan's decision to join Tareen group is a major political set back for PTI in Punjab

The Ruling PTI has suffered another political setback in Punjab as its senior leader and former senior Punjab minister Aleem Khan has announced to join hands with disgruntled group of PTI legislatures in Punjab Assembly led by former secretary general of PTI Jahangir Tareen. This group is called Tareen Group and also “Likeminded Group.  

The ruling party’s troubles are increasing as opposition has increased its pressure. The internal discontent of PTI has been exposed in last few weeks.  The role of Aleem Khan could be crucial in the political developments in Punjab. Aleem khan can pose serious challenge to Buzdar government in Punjab.

 His support to the opposition PML-N can bring down the PTI government in Punjab. The sources are claiming that Aleem Khan has established links with PML-N leadership to bring change in Punjab.  

Aleem Khan, who stepped down from the post of Punjab government minister in November last year, while addressing the media today after the meeting of Tareen group has said that he along with his “like-minded” supporters joined the Tareen group to “strengthen the party”.

Meanwhile, Aleem Khan in today’s meeting said, “This party [PTI] belongs to everyone not only to any individual” and regretting that Tareen was neglected by Prime Minister Imran Khan after he came into power in 2018.

“During the last 10 years of PTI’s struggle, Jahangir Tareen played a major role and made contributions for the party more than any other party leader,” he added.

Without taking the name of PM Imran, Aleem said he was being surrounded by “parachuters” and not by loyal PTI workers, who supported the party not for any vested interest but for brining change in the country.

The senior party leader said he had been in contact with over 40 PTI MPAs who have expressed reservations over the performance of the PTI government. When asked about no-confidence motion against the government, Aleem said the decision will be taken with mutual consultation with all disgruntled members whether to support the opposition move or not.

Khan said it was still not clear why Tareen was not given importance after PTI came into power. "All those who struggled alongside Imran Khan for a "Naya Pakistan" were sidelined, and we still don't know the reason behind it."

"Maybe once a government is formed, new people surround the leader, and the loyalists — who supported the leader during his hard times — are cornered," Khan expressed.

The former provincial minister said he would not have been "sad" had PTI's popularity been growing, but lamented that the situation of the government was dismal. "PTI voters and loyalists are upset over the dismal situation of the government in Punjab. Therefore, we decided that a like-minded [group] should be formed, who had sacrificed for the party."

They said that the members would adopt a joint political strategy by gathering all the groups within the PTI. Jahangir Tareen, who is currently in London reportedly for medical treatment attended the meeting via video link.

The meeting of the Tareen Group took place at Jahangir Tareen’s Lahore residence. As many as 17 MPAs including Provincial ministers Nauman Langriyal, Ajmal Cheema, Sardar Asif Nakai, Abdul Hayee Dasti, Ghulam Rasool Sanga, Bilal Warraich, Qasim Langah, Saeed Akbar Nawani and others were also present in the meeting.

Meanwhile, PML-N’s senior leadership has also established contact with the former Punjab minister during the period. There are rumors going on that PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif has met with Aleem Khan few days ago.

If opposition can get the support of Tareen group then it will not need support of PML-Q to bring down the PTI government in Punjab. After the support of Aleem Khan, Tareen group has the support of enough MPAs to bring the change.

                                                                           Khalid Bhatti 

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