54% people in Pakistan were not satisfied with PTI government's performance

68% people support the decision to hold fresh elections in the country

The latest Gallup Pakistan survey clearly shows that majority of Pakistani population were not satisfied with PTI government’s performance in last 44 months. 54% of respondents of Gallup survey expressing disappointment with the PTI government over three and a half year’s performance, whereas 46% have found no fault with its service delivery.

At the same time, 68% of respondents have appreciated the PM’s action of calling for new elections. The new Gallup Survey weaned this information from 800 households during April 3-4, 2022. On the question of the PTI government’s delivery during the three and a half year period, 54% were disappointed with Imran Khan’s regime, while 46% expressed a certain degree of satisfaction. Of those expressing a higher degree of satisfaction with the central government’s performance, 60% represented KPK, while 40% from the same province expressed abject disappointment with its performance.

From Sindh, 43% of respondents expressed satisfaction with the performance of Imran Khan, but 57% were not so appreciative. In the case of Punjab, Imran received a 45% approval rating for his service delivery, but a larger 55% disapproved of his performance.

To another question regarding the dissolution of the government and the call for national elections, 68% responded and approved of Imran’s decision, while 32% disapproved of it.

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