Former PM Imran Khan's helicopter rides cost taxpayers nearly Rs 984 million

 The daily expenditure of 15 km long journey was whopping Rs 7,50,000 (0.75 million)

If the controversary around Tosha Khanna and sale of foreign gifts by former PM Imran Khan was not enough to taint the clean image of him, here comes another controversary around the helicopter rides of former PM imran Khan.
The official documents have revealed that former PM Imran Khan spend Rs 984 million (98 crores) on his helicopter rides from Bani Gala to Prime Minister Office in 44 months. It was 7,50,000 (0.75 million) daily expenditures on 15 km long journey. Former PM Imran Khan was using helicopter to travel between his residence in Bani Gala and PMO daily for security reasons. 
We were told that helicopter travel is cheaper and time saving. Security concern was seen as major factor to prefer the use of helicopter instead of car for daily travel of former PM Imran Khan.  
We were told that PTI government will cut expenditures of PM House, PM Office and Presidency. But the official documents have  revealed  that  huge money was spent on daily traveling of PM imran Khan. We were told that PTI government has banned serving the food during official meetings and to guests to save money. Just cup of tea and couple of biscuits were served to guests. And even buffalos of PM house were sold to save the public money. Extra Vehicles of PM house were also sold under austerity policy.     
When former Prime Minister Imran Khan took power in August 2018, he made lot of criticism on the previous governments of PML-N and PPP for lavishly spending  public money on luxuries. But he himself spend huge amount of money on his traveling. 

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