KPLG elections 2022- PTI emerged as the leading party in second phase-JUI-F is trailing behind

 In the results of 46 out of 65 Tehsil Councils so far- PTI wins 18, JUI-F 8, Independents 07, PML-N 03, JI 03, ANP 02, PPP 01 and others 04

According to the unofficial results of KPLG elections 2022, PTI emerged as the leading party in the 2nd phase of elections in 18 districts. In the results of 65 Tehsil Councils so far, PTI has win 18 Tehsils and leading on 7 so far, JUI-F wins 8 and leading on 05, Independents wins 07 and leading on one, PML-N wins 03 and leading on 03, JI wins 04 and leading on one, ANP win 02, PPP wins 01 and leading on 01 and other smaller parties win 04 Tehsils.    

PTI has shown so far that it is still popular in KP and can pose serious challenge to its opponents. It is a moral boosting come back for PTI.  After the defeat in the first phase of LG elections in December 2021, PTI government in KP and federal government made better strategy and PM imran Khan led the campaign himself.

 PM Imran Khan organised Public rallies in different districts. Despite the notices from the Election  Commission, PTI ministers and KP government continues the campaign and lured the voters with promises of development work and other incentives.  

PTI has performed well in the districts dominated by JI and PPP in the past. PTI wins 5 out 7 Tehsils of Lower Dir district. Over all, PTI has performed well in Malakand division. Both JI and PPP failed to regain the lost ground in the Malakand division since the 2018 general elections. 

PTI wins most tehsils in Lower Dir, Abbotabad, Swat and  Malakand districts. PTI also performed well in the newly merged tribal districts. While JUI-F has performed well in Kohistan, Butgram, Kurram and Mansera districts. JUI-F has performed well in its traditional strongholds.

PML-N failed to dominate in its traditional strongholds in Hazara division. PML-N could only manage to win just 04 tehsils in Hazara Division. The main issue for PML-N seems to be its weak organisation. PML-N was the dominating political force in Hazara but the rise of PTI has seriously damaged the PML-N.  The internal differences and factions also not helping the PML-N to regain the lost ground.  

The PPP has performed poorly in the second phase. PPP needs to think seriously to overcome its political and organisational crisis in KP. PPP needs serious soul searching to prepare a better strategy in KP.  

                                                                       Khalid Bhatti 

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