LHC directs President to nominate another person to take oath from Hamza Shehbaz as CM Punjab

LHC CJ directed his office to inform the president Arif Alvi about the decision of the court

The Chief Justice Lahore High Court  ordered President of Pakistan to appoint a representative for administering oath to Punjab chief minister-elect Hamza Shahbaz as the governor Punjab Umar Cheema has refused to do so. LHC CJ Justice Ameer Bhatti announced the verdict on the petition filed by Hamza Shahbaz. LHC CJ has directed his office to inform the president about the order of the court. 
Earlier, the Lahore High Court has once again deferred the hearing of Hamza Shahbaz's oath-taking petition till 2pm warning the Punjab advocate general Ahmad Awais that if no letter was issued by that time, the court would pronounce its judgement. 
This order of the LHC is a big setback for the pTI and PML-Q in Punjab as they were trying to create hurdles in the oath of Hamza Shabaz as CM Punjab. 
The governor Punjab Umar Sarfraz Cheema  in a press conference refused to administrate the oath to newly elected CM Punjab. The governor cited the report of the secretary Punjab Assembly as a reason to do do.  The CJ said that for the last 21 days, the province was running sans any government and the governor was delaying submitting his response to the court for the last 5 or 6 days. 
The written judgment will be issued later. 

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