PTI law makers attacked Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly to disrupt the session

PTI MPAs attacked Sardar Dost Mazari when he took seat to chair the session to elect new Chief Minister


The PTI MPAs attacked the deputy speaker Sardar Dost Muhammad Mazari in the Punjab Assembly to disrupt the session to elect the new CM Punjab. PTI MPAs slapped the deputy speaker and forced him to leave his chair. The Punjab Assembly session called to elect new chief minister exploded into violence as the ruling PTI MPAs attacked Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Mazari who was chairing the proceedings. 

PTI MPAs attacked Dost Mazari , hit him with lotas they were carrying, slapping him and dragged him by the hair. the deputy speaker was also kicked and punched after throwing him on the ground. The security men rushed in to save the deputy speaker. They forced him out of the PTI MPAs’ clutches and rushed to his chamber for safety. 

It was well prepared plan to disrupt the proceedings of the Punjab Assembly. The purpose of this hooliganism is to delay the election of CM Punjab. It is one of the shameful day in the parliamentary history of Pakistan. Both the PML-Q and PTI exposed their real faces today. They have once again proved that they have no respect for constitution, parliamentary norms and democratic traditions. 

                                                                          Khalid Bhatti 

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