Rest in Peace great mother Bilquis Bano Edhi

 Pakistan lost another great human face and mother of thousands of orphans 

The great server of humanity, mother of thousands of orphan and abandoned children and great human face of Pakistan Bilquis Bano Edhi passed away at the age of 74. It is not just  a big loss for Edhi family and foundation but also for the people of Pakistan . 
She was one of the most prominent philanthropists in the country and co-chaired Edhi Foundation with her son Faisal after her husband’s passing in 2016. She spend nearly six decades with Abdul Sattar Edhi to develop one of the largest welfare and rescue organisation in the country. She worked silently alongside with his husband great Abdul Sattar Edhi sb. She spend simple and humble life despite collecting billions of rupees for the charity. 
 She was declared the ‘Person of the Decade’, for her decades long philanthropist and humanitarian services  along with human rights rapporteur of the UN Prof Yanghee Lee and the US ethicist Stephen Soldz.
Bilquis Bano Edhi was a professional nurse and she headed the Bilquis Edhi Foundation. She spent more than six decades of her life serving humanity in need. Her charity saved over 42,000 unwanted babies so far by placing "jhoolas" [cradles] at the Edhi Homes and centres across the country.

She saved thousands of unwanted and abandoned children and brought them up. Many are living with the families who adopted them.  She arranged marriages of thousands of orphan girls.  
She was born in Bantwa, India and migrated to Pakistan after the Partition. Together with her husband their charity has saved thousands of unwanted babies. She raised thousands of unwanted and abandoned children with love and respect. She provided education and care to the orphan children to enable them to integrate in the society. 
Rest in Peace Bilquis Edhi sahiba. We will miss you. 
                                                                                       The Editor

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