Imran Khan announced PTI's Islamabad long March against 'imported government' on May 25,2022

The announcement of much hyped long march came after the PTI core committee meeting in Peshawar

Former prime Minister and PTI chairman Imran Khan has announced much hyped Islamabad long march against imported government on May 25. Imran Khan announced date of the long march in a press conference after the core committee meeting of the PTI. 

Imran Khan in his press conference said that “I am inviting the entire nation. People belonging to all walks of life including labourers, ex-service men and others should participate in the long march for the real freedom of the country .I will meet you at Srinagar Highway at 3pm .”

The former prime minister demanded of the coalition government led by PML-N to immediately call early elections and dissolve assemblies. “I am also asking the army to remain ‘neutral’ as they have said earlier that they are neutral,” he  further said.

Imran Khan said his party would stay in Islamabad until the date for new general election is announced. “We are ready to sacrifice our lives for our freedom, we will not accept the ‘imported government’ under any circumstances.”

He also warned the authorities against creating hurdles in the long marchers’ way, saying that PTI will take legal action if this happens. 


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