PTI suffered humiliating defeat in Balochistan LG elections 2022

  PTI won just 76 seats out of 4,456 seats 

The Local government elections were held on May 29 in 32 out of 34 districts. All the mainstream political parties participated in the elections held on party basis. PTI also contested the elections on most of the 4,456 seats were on the grab. PTI suffered humiliating defeat in the local government elections 2022. Seven political parties performed better than PTI. 

But PTI failed to perform well in the LG elections. Out of 32 districts, PTI performed well only in Kohlu district where it won most of the seats. PTI has won just 76 out of 4,456 seats. It seems that voters in Balochistan rejected the political narrative of PTI. 

It seems that Imran Khan's popular narrative has failed to impress the voters in Balochistan. PTI won 7 provincial assembly seats in 2018 general elections but it seems that party has lost ground in the province. PTI even failed to perform better in districts where PTI won provincial assembly seats in 2018 general elections. 

The people in Balochistan didn't buy the PTI narrative of international conspiracy and "Haqeeqi Azadi". This raises serious questions on Imran Khan’s conspiracy mantra and style of politics. Elections result clearly indicate that concerns and issue of the common people are way different than much trumpeted political narrative of PTI.

The other reason of this poor show seems to be the lack of home work and internal differences. The party stands divided. The former provincial president and parliamentary leader Sar Yar Muhammad Rind has developed serious differences with party leadership. The party is facing an internal crisis. 

The party leadership is focusing much on big cities in Punjab and KP and ignoring the Balochistan province. The party leadership  is not very keen to sort out the differences in the party.    

                                                                      Khalid Bhatti  

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