Supreme Court rejected the petitions to form full court on CM Punjab's election

The three member bench will hear the case of deputy speaker's ruling tomorrow at 11:30 

The Supreme Court rejected the coalition government’s request to form a full bench on the deputy speaker ruling. The three member SC bench will resume the hearing of the case tomorrow at 11:30 am. The Supreme Court bench will give detail reasoning of rejecting the petitions in the detailed judgment later.  

The chief justice maintained that full court had been formed in the past in the matter of utmost importance and added that the full bench could be formed if the issue lingered on. Chief Justice Bandial said the main point of contention before the bench was that whether a party head could issue directions to his parliamentary party members or not.

“We have to see whether the party head could be a substitute to the parliamentary head as in this case party head directed the parliamentary party members,” the CJP remarked. During the hearing, the CJP also commented on the anti-judiciary smear campaign, saying, “Social media looks towards perception instead of facts but we are not concerned about this.”

The bench also allowed the counsels of PPP and PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat to present their arguments in the case.

The party leaders of coalition government held hard hitting press conference in the morning and demanded to form full bench on CM Punjab’s election. 


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