Torrential rain inundate H-13 sector of Islamabad

 The rain water caused damage as it enters into houses after hours long heavy rain

Flash floods triggered by four hours of torrential rains caused widespread devastation in Islamabad’s Sector H-13, where rainwater entered the houses on Saturday. As per the details, the capital city received non-stop heavy rains coupled with strong winds for at least four hours.

Following the heavy showers, rainwater entered the houses in the low-lying sector, causing losses of millions of rupees to the people. The residents complained that the rescue teams did not reach the area to aid those stranded.

Last year, the sector E-11 was badly affected by the flash floods. The damage was caused by the illegal construction over rain water nallah. Many areas in Islamabad are facing the similar situation due to encroachments and illegal construction activity. The illegal construction has blocked the natural flow of the rain water in nullahs. 


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