Voting underway in make or break Punjab Assembly by polls in 20 constituency

The voting started at 8am in all the 20 constituencies and will continue uninterrupted till 5pm 

The voting for by polls is underway in all the 20 constituencies of Punjab Assembly which will decide who will rule Pakistan's largest province Punjab. The voting is taking place peacefully and smoothly so far. The voter turnout is mix so far. at some polling stations long ques can be seen but at other polling stations the voting is going slowly. It might pick up pace in the mid afternoon. 
The by polls are crucial for both PTI and PML-N. It is make or break elections for both the main rivals in Punjab. PML-N need 9 seats to retain its government in Punjab while PTI need 12 seats to turn the table on PML-N and to elect its on chief minister on July 22. 
There are 4.57 million voters in 20 constituencies across the province. The Election Commission of Pakistan has established 3,131 polling stations. The authorities have made fool proof security  arrangements to provide peaceful atmosphere to the voters. No incident of violence or disruption has so far been reported.  
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