Heavy monsoon rains caused huge damage in Balochistan

 164 people have lost their lives in flash floods since rains started in June-nearly 7,000 houses destroyed 

According to the data released by Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), the death toll has reached 164 as the continuous rains and flood wreak havoc in Balochistan. The death toll includes 67 men, 43 women and 54 children, while 74 people were injured in various accidents.

As per PDMA data, 13,975 (13 thousand 9 hundred and 75 houses have been damaged due to rains and floods in the province. Several highways and bridges were severely affected and more than 23,000  cattle have died.

Furthermore, crops, solar plates, tube wells on nearly 2, 00,000 (two hundred thousand) acres of land have also been damaged. The 10 districts are most affected.

Sharing details about the damages caused by rain and relief opera­tion in the calamity-hit areas, he said that10 districts of the province were worst affected by the monsoon rains as, during the recent mon­soon spell, it rained 500 percent more than it was recorded during the last 30 years.

About colossal dam­ages caused to property, infrastructure and live­stock, the CS said that rain and floods have damaged over 10,000 houses, of them 6700 are completely destroyed. It caused damages to at least six main bridges, approximately 565 km of road while712 livestock also died.


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