Imran Khan announced to contest all the 09 National Assembly seats in by polls

This announcement came after the Election Commission of Pakistan today announced to hold by polls on the 09 NA seats on September 25

PTI chairman Imran khan has announced to contest all the 09 seats of National Assembly in by polls on September 25. He will be the PTI candidate on the all 09 seats. “In the by-elections of 9 National Assembly constituencies to be held on September 25, Chairman Imran Khan himself will contest from all the seats,” the PTI announced on its official Twitter handle.
Some legal experts are saying that Imran Khan cannot contest election on a national assembly seat without resigning as MNA. His resignation sent to speaker national assembly hasn't accepted by the speaker. Technically, he is still elected member of National Assembly from NA-95 Mianwali. His candidature might be challenged by PDM candidates in different constituencies. It will be interesting to see that whether imran Khan will be allowed to run without resigning.   

It is really strange that on one hand, PTI is demanding from Speaker National Assembly to send all the 121 resignations to Election Commission as PTI has resigned from the National Assembly. But on the other hand, It is going to contest the by polls on vacant seats. This decision alone shows that how contradictory is the politics of PTI. Making Imran Khan as a sole candidate in all the 09 seats in by polls is big political gamble that PTI is going to play. 

 Imran Khan's candidature in 09 constituencies will increase pressure on PTI to win all the seats. But it will make these by-elections much more interesting. Imran Khan's presence will increase interest of people in the by polls. It will be real test of popularity for PTI and Imran khan.  In case, Imran Khan loose half of the seats in by polls, it will be a big political setback for PTI. 

Let's see if this decision materialised or PTI take U-turn. 


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