PP-139 Sheikhupura by poll-close contest expected between PTI and PML-N

Former PML-N MPA Jalil Sharaqpuri has fielded his cousin Abubakar Sharaqpuri on PTI ticket while PML-N has awarded ticket to Iftikhar Ahmad Bhangoo

A close contest is expected between Abubakar Sharaqpuri of PTI and Iftikhar Ahmad Bhangoo of PML-N in PP-139 Sheikhupura by poll on September 11. This seat fell vacant after the resignation of PML-N MPA  Jalil Sharaqpuri. Pir Jalil joined PTI after resigning from PML-N. Muhammad Rauf of TLP is also in the run. This constituency consists Sharaqpur town and surrounding rural areas. This is mainly a rural constituency.  
The two factors will likely to play important role in the outcome of this election. The turnout and TLP's share of votes. The Sharaqpuri family is the custodian of  of the shrine of Sufi saint Mian Sher Muhammad. Sharaqpuri family enjoys support among the Bralevi sect. TLP is a religious-political party  based on Bralevi sect and will divide the religious Bralevi votes. 
If TLP candidate succeeded to get reasonable votes then PTI candidate might be in trouble. Muhammad Rauf Chaudhary of TLP got more than 17,000 votes in 2018 general elections. He can cause serious problems for PTI candidates.
The voter turnout and specially young voters will also play important role in the outcome of this election. A high turnout  of young voters will give advantage to PTI.  A low turnout will give advantage to PML-N. 
The total voters in this constituency are 2,27,451.  

It is difficult to predict this neck to neck fight at the moment. It is too close to call. The situation might become clear after Imran Khan's public rally in the constituency. The PML-N seems to have a slight edge at the moment. 

But interestingly Jalil Sharaqpuri is not contesting the by poll on PTI ticket. He decided not to contest because he was facing resentment due to the change of political loyalty. So he decided to field his cousin Abubakar who is new to electoral politics. Jalil Sharaqpuri won this seat on PML-N ticket in 2018 general elections. 
He bagged 31,010 votes while Rao Jahanzaib of PTI got 27,153 votes. Muhammad Rauf Chaudhry of TLP secured 17,436 votes. 
PML-N has awarded ticket to veteran politician of this constituency Iftikhar Ahmad Bhangoo. Bhangoo contested 4 elections between 1985 to 1997.He didn't contest any election since 2002. His son Bilal Iftikhar Bhangoo was in PTI and contested 2013 general election on PTI ticket but lost. 
                                                              Khalid Bhatti insight247.news election cell

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