PTI to kick start anti- government protest movement from 24th September

Imran Khan announced to organise anti- government protests in all the districts of Punjab on Saturday  

PTI chairman Imran Khan has announced the start of his party's ‘real freedom movement’ Haqiqi Azadi Tehreek against the coalition government from Saturday 24th September. The party will organise the protests across the Punjab in all the Tehsil and District headquarters on Saturday.

Imran Khan has instructed the party officials to speed up the preparation for long march. He has also instructed the party leaders to organise the protests on Friday at Union Council level across the province.

Imran Khan spends a busy day in Lahore and held several meetings with senior party leaders. It seems that Imran khan wants to check the preparedness of the party and also the mobilization in Punjab. He is repeatedly threatening to launch a long march towards Islamabad for weeks now but not yet ready to announce a date for such march.

 He wants to mobilise the PTI supporters in big numbers to oust the federal government through a popular protest movement. He tried this on May 25 but failed to make impact. Now he wants to test the waters again.

It seems that he is waiting a signal from real powers to launch the long march. But he is not receiving any signal at the moment. Imran Khan knows that the long march might be last effort to dislodge the federal government.

 If he fails this time than the game will be in the hands of federal government and then Imran Khan will have to wait till August 2023 for the general elections. This could prove to be a risky move. So Imran Khan is taking time before giving the call for long march.

 Imran khan also participated in a lawyer’s convention organised by PTI lawyers in Lahore. Imran Khan in his speech at lawyer’s convention said that “You have to stand up for law and governance in this country. I need the lawyer’s community for my country. Whoever threatens you, you counter it by threatening them back and tell them that the Constitution has given me the right to freedom of expression."

Imran said that he will soon give a call for long march to Islamabad, urging the nation and lawyers to support him. "Together we will establish the rule of law in this country and bring real freedom to Pakistan," he added.

                                                                         Khalid Bhatti 

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