Prominent Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif killed in Kenya

 The Kenyan police accepted the responsibility of his killing in 'mistaken  identity'

Prominent Pakistani journalist and anchor Arshad Sharif has been killed in Kenya. Kenyan media quoted the local police as saying Sharif was shot dead by police in a case of “mistaken identity”. It said the incident took place on Sunday night along the Nairobi-Magadi highway. 

A statement released by the National Police Service of Kenya later confirmed that the incident occurred last night along the Kwenia farm/Kamukuru Marram road within Magadi, where “a foreigner namely Arshad Mohammed Shariff, a Pakistani national aged 50 years was fatally wounded by a police officer while a passenger in a motor vehicle KDG 200M.

“At the time of the incident, deceased was in company of his brother namely Khurram Ahmed. Incident follows a circulation from Pangani Police of a stolen motor vehicle. The officers trailing the motor vehicle towards Magadi alerted police in Magadi who erected a road barrier,” it said.

The police service stated that the deceased’s motor vehicle came upon the police barrier that Sharif’s driver “drove through”. “It is then that they were shot at, fatally injuring late Arshad Mohammad Shariff.”

The Kenyan police further said that it regretted the incident, adding that the competent authorities were investigating the incident for appropriate action.

 Mystery surrounds the circumstances that led to the Arshad's death. There should be proper investigation of his killing. The Pakistani government must protest with Kenyan government over his killing by the police.  

 Arshad Sharif was one of the most fieriest critic of the current government and establishment. He was supporting Imran Khan. He left the country after receiving threats. He initially went to UAE but later shifted to Kenya. He was known as a pro-establishment journalist but later developed differences with powerful establishment after the removal of Imran Khan from the power. 
Imran Khan has demanded a judicial inquiry to ascertain the facts in Arshad's tragic death. 

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