Punjab interior minister Hashim Dogar resigned

 Hashim Dogar's  resignation came after he refused to allow the use of Punjab government's machinery in PTI long march 

PTI leader Colonel (retired) Hashim Dogar resigned as Punjab's home minister. He send his hand written resignation to Chief Minister Office. He has cited personal reasons and inevitable circumstances in his resignation. His resignation came days after he said the province's machinery would not be used for PTI's long march.

The member of the Punjab Assembly said that he did not want to continue working as the interior minister in Punjab. "Today, I have resigned from my post due to personal reasons," he announced on Twitter. However, Dogar said he would continue to work as a PTI worker.

The resignation comes ahead of the PTI's long march toward Islamabad for which former prime minister Imran Khan has been holding back-to-back gatherings to rally his supporters.

Despite being part of the PTI, Dogar last week said that the Punjab government would not use the state machinery for Khan’s long march as it was a "political issue"; however, he assured to provide security.

In response, while speaking to journalists in London, CM Elahi an ally of the PTI  said the Punjab government would follow Khan's instructions on PTI's long march. He also gives negative remarks against Hashim Dogar. 

Reacting to Dogar’s statement that the Punjab government will not support Imran Khan’s long-march call on Islamabad, Elahi said that he will see how the situation evolves and a decision will be made accordingly.


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