TTP demands Rs 8 million extortion from KP senior minister Atif Khan

KP minister claims that banned terrorist outfit TTP has send him a letter for extortion  

The senior Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) provincial Minister Atif Khan has claimed to receive a letter from banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) for an extortion of Rs 8 million.

According to the media reports, TTP have confirmed the issuance of the letter by their Mardan chapter. The minister Atif Khan has also confirmed to the media that he has received the extortion letter. Atif said that he has shared the letter with the relevant officials.

“We will take whatever action needed on the letter. Security agencies have been informed rest is up to them,” said the minister. The letter comes after reports of TTP's resurgence in the KP.

Atif Khan is the first high level official of the KP government to admit the receiving of a letter for extortion. His claim raised questions The protests are already taking place against the return of violence in Swat and surrounding areas.

The people are expressing their fear regarding the return of militants in KP. The TTP is trying to regroup and to start its terrorist activities. 


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