India's social development indicators declined under Modi in last 9 years

 India declined in press freedom, human development,hunger, democracy and gender equality index under Modi government 

India continues to drop in almost all the indexes of social development under Modi government. India dropped big in the Health&Survival, Hunger index , human Freedom index, Gender Equality index in last 09 years of Modi rule. India dropped from 85 to 146th spot in Health &Survival index. India decline from 55 to 107 spot in Hunger index. It dropped from 106 to 150 spot in Human Freedom index. It dropped from 33rd spot to 55th in the Democracy index.
Modi government is claiming that Indian economy is performing well. But India is fast becoming one of the most unequal country in the world. India now has third largest number of  billionaires in the world. But India also has most people in the world living in extreme poverty.   On the one hand, India is claiming to become third largest economy of the world in next 5 years.  But on the other hand, poverty, hunger, unemployment and inequality continues to rise. 

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