Judicial murder of Shaheed Bhutto on April 04,1979

 April 04 is a black day in the political and judicial history of Pakistan when a democratically elected Prime Minister was hanged as the result of a politically motivated judicial decision

Shaheed ZA Bhutto was hanged on April 04 1979 by the military dictatorship of General Zia 44 years ago. On April 04, 1979, the most popular leader of this country was sent to gallows.  General Zia was hoping to destroy both the PPP and the popularity of ZA Bhutto. But he failed on both fronts.

Bhutto’s hanging was a judicial murder carried out on the wishes of a reactionary military dictator. Shaheed Bhutto’s hanging is a black spot on our history.

Bhutto was hanged because he dared to challenge the forces of status quo. Bhutto’s left wing popular politics caused significant damage to ruling elite who was dominated Pakistan economically, socially and politically.

Supreme Court has announced another controversial decision today. Supreme Court declared the decision of Election Commission of Pakistan to postpone the Punjab Assembly elections from April 30 to October 08 illegal and unconstitutional. Supreme Court ordered the ECP to hold elections on May 14. The government has rejected the SC decision. It is still  unclear that whether elections will be held on May 14 or not. 


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