2,86,000 Pakistanis deported in last three years

Two hundreds and eighty six thousand Pakistanis (2,86,000 ) deported in last three years from different countries of the world. Most of these people either entered these countries illegally or on fake documents. Many overstayed in violations of their visas. This high number of deportation also raise questions on the performance of the immigration authorities and FIA anti human trafficking cells. The business of illegal human trafficking is thriving in the country and human smugglers busy in sending people to different countries illegally. This continued practice not only bring bad name to the country but also endangered the lives of people wish to go abroad for better life.

The maximum numbers were deported from Saudi Arabia  which stands at 1,49,000. UAE came behind with 32, 458, then 28,684 from Iran, 17,248 from Oman, 14,145 from Greece, 9,778 from UK, 8861 from Malaysia, 7548 from Turkey. Few thousand more from different African, Gulf and European countries.

Most of the Pakistanis deported from Gulf countries. Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran and UAE in combine deported more than 2,10,000 Pakistanis. The economic downfall in these countries forced the authorities to start crackdown against illegal immigrants and workers.

More Pakistanis are facving possible deportations from Germany, UK, Greece and other countries.

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