Germany rejected asylum of half million imigrants

The German Interior ministry has rejected the asylum applications of half a million immigrants. So far only 52,000 asylum seekers were deported. The German immigration authorities has decided 7,00,000 (0.7 million) applications in the eleven months of 2016. The german authorities looking at the different ways to deal with the rejected applicants.

According to the immigration authorities, these applications were rejected because of bogus or incomplete documents. We want to accomodate maximum numbers of Syrian asylum seekers and migrants but people from other countries tried to took advantage of the open border policy. These migrants are economic immigrants and not directly affected by the civil war or persecution in their home countries. We will not allow them to exploit our system.

The large number of Afghan, African, Iraqi and Pakistani migrants entered Germany along with nearly a million syrians to get asylum in Germany. But after accepting every one in, now the authorituies are strictly following the criteria set out for asylum seekers. The authorities in Germany wants to deport all the migrants which are not entitled to get asylum. At the moment half a million migrants are facing the possible deportation.

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