Britain will leave single EU market to control borders

Britain heading for a hard Brexit. The British prime minister Theresa May announced the plan for leaving the EU. She said "Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe. And that is what we will deliver. What i am proposing can not mean membership of single market".

European Union president Donald Tusk said in response " sad process, surrealistic times but at least more realistic announcement on Brexit. EU 27 united and ready to negotiate after article 50 revoked by PM".

Theresa May also announced to revoke article 50 at the end of March. Britain has two years to negotiate a break up deal with EU. It is clear now that Britain is no more interested to remain in the EU single market at the cost of losing border controls. Now both will have to decide the future of the citizens of Britain in the EU and EU to decide the fate of British citizens in EU. Britain also wanted to negotiate independent trade deals with different countries.

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