Dubai maintains the title of busiest airport for international travel

The Dubai International Airports successfully maintained the title of busiest airport for international travel in the world. The Dubai Airport over take London Heathrow in 2014 as the busiest international airport for international travel. The 83.6 million international travelers used Dubai airport in 2016. Even though it was less than the target of 86 million passengers but still beat Heathrow.More than 90 airlines flying into Dubai International Airports.

 Paul Griffiths, CEO Dubai International Airports explained that the target was missed because of slow down in the world economy. The slow down and economic problems in some countries affected the growth of traveling sector in 2016. But we continue to grow even in the difficult circumstances.

Paul Griffiths also offered the new president of the United States of America to help him to improve the airports in US. President Trump praised the Dubai Airport during the campaign and debates with Hilary. Trump declared the American airports as third world during the debate. We will extend our support to improve the American airports.

Dubai is the hub for the well renowned Emirates Airlines. Emirates considered as one of the best airline in the world. The Emirates growth played important role to make Dubai as the top destination for airlines and travelers.

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