Blood bath in Lahore

Lahore was targeted once again by terrorists. The suicide bomber killed 13 including senior police officers and injured more than 80. The suicide attack took place when DIG traffic Lahore captain (R) Mobeen and SSP Lahore Zahid Gondal were negotiating with protestors to end the day long sit-in at the Chairing Cross The Mall Lahore.

This is first major suicide attack in Lahore since Gulsh-e-Iqbal park bombing which took place in March 2016 during the Easter season. One year since then went peacefully without major terrorist attack in the city. The terrorist targets Lahore because it is a political and cultural capital of the country. It is also considered as a nerve center of the country. Any terrorist activity in this city send shock waves across the country. Lahore is also considered as a safe place compare to other main cities.

The terrorist wants to spread the fear and sense of insecurity in the population. The government and Cricket authorities wants to organise the final of the Pakistan Super League ( PSL ) in Lahore to bring back International cricket in the country. The Lahore Literature Festival is just one week away. Lot of activity took place in this lively city during February to April. It is an effort to bring the city to the stand still. Ordinary Pakistanis suffered a lot because of the terrorist campaign in the country in last one decade.

This bombing is a clear reminder that the battle against terrorism is not yet over. It is true that military actions and combing operations helped to reduce the capacity and capability of the terrorist groups to operate in the country. Their infrastructure has also largely been dismantled to a large extend. But they are not completely wiped out. Their sleeper cells and sympathisers still exist in the country.

Police and administrative reforms are must to fight this battle. Police is the first line of defense in this all important battle. It is the need of the hour to bring the radical changes in police system. The traditional policing and methods are not going to help in this regard. The whole approach and thinking towards terrorism needs to be changed. The policing in the 21st century is much more sophisticated and technological based compare to the 20th century.

Our brave military, police and paramilitary forces have sacrificed a lot in this battle. They always put their lives at stake to save our lives. But it is the responsibility of the government to provide them all the means and resources necessary to won this battle. Now it is time to end the VIP culture in the country. More than 6,000 police personnel deputed to protect the VIPs in Lahore. If the state officials and politicians feel so unsafe while on duty then they must quit and paved the way for the brave ones. Every one needs security in this country but it seems that only VIPs provided such security.

Police officers spend lot of their time to provide security to high level officials and politicians. This culture needs to be changed. The police should concentrate only on maintaining the law and order and to keep a vigilant eye on the suspected terrorists. Police should be organised as a modern and fully equipped modern force to meet the challenges.

National Action Plan provides basic guidelines to won the battle against terrorism and religious extremism. Much needed to be done to stop the hate mongering, hate speech and preaching. All the groups which spread hate and exploit the religious feelings of the people to make political and personal gains. NAP should be implemented without any ifs and buts to get rid of terrorism.

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