India failed to quell Kashmiri rebellion

There is wide spread anger and hatred against Indian occupation in Indian held Kashmir. The Indian forces failed to crush the determination and courage of Kashmiri youth. The young Kashmiris have lost the fear of Indian brutality and state repression. Everyday young people take to the streets and faced brutal force. More than 160 people have sacrificed their lives for independence. The Kashmiri masses are sick and tired of Indian occupation and repression. They want to decide their own future and fate through an open, free, transparent and democratic  process. The UN Security Council promised the Kashmiris to give them their democratic right for having a plebiscite. This promise has not been fulfilled by UN and world powers.

The present mass rebellion against India started when a young militant leader Burhan Wani was martyred by Indian forces in a gun battle last year.. Wani, a 22 years old leader was very popular among the youth. His killing sparked the mass protests and demonstrations. The Indian forces have tried every tactic possible to crush the youth rebellion. Indian forces are using live bullets, pallet guns and severe torture to stop young people coming out on the streets. More than one thousand youth has lost eye sights and suffered other serious injuries due to the live bullets and pallet guns.

Indian government claim itself the biggest democracy in the world. But Kashmiris have been denied their basic democratic and human rights. India wants to keep Kashmir under its occupation against the wishes of the  Kashmiri people. Kashmiris are just demanding their democratic right to decide their own future. But this democratic demand is met with brutal use of force by the Indian forces. Kashmiris have the right to decide their own future like any other nation in the world. They have every right to protest and demonstrate their anger and hatred against Indian occupation.

India has no rifght to occupy Kashmir against the wishes and will of the Kashmiri masses. It is the responsibility of the world powers to force India to stop using brutal force against innocent and unarmed young protestors. India will never be able to won the battle of hearts and minds with brutalitry and force. India should accept the reality and pul out the troops from Kashmir. The continued occupation and state brutality has turned this paradise into a living hell. India should stop gross violations of human rights and genocide of Kashmiri youth.

The Kashmiris should be given the right of self determination. They deserve respect, dignity, freedom and liberty instead of humiliation, tortures and abuses. India should be forced to pull out all its forces from Kashmir. The loss of life and blood bath should be stopped .

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