Indian forces gun down seven Kashmiris

Indian forces killed seven Kashmiris in an encounter and state repression in Indian occupied Kashmir. The Indian military claimed to kill six militants in an encounter in South Kashmiri village Prisal. According to the eye witness reports, the Indian forces surrounded a house in the village and blew it up with explosives after heavy gunfight. Six people were killed in this gun battle. Two Indian soldiers were also killed in this fight.

The mass protests erupted in the area when the news of killings broke out. Thousands of people from nearby villages reached Prisal village and protested against the killings. The Indian military opened fire at the protestors which resulted in one killing and more than dozen injured. Most of the injuries caused by the pellet gun fires and live bullets.

The Kashmir is in the grip of daily protests and demonstrations against the Indian occupation. The Kashmiri youth has refused to give up their struggle against Indian occupation, state repression and for freedom , liberty and independence.

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