Suicide bomber killed two senior police officers and 13 others in Lahore, Pakistan

The suicide bombing killed 15 people including senior police officers and injured more than 80 at the busiest Chairing Cross The Mall Road lahore. The suicide bomber exploded himself when two senior police officers were negotiating with the protestors to end the sit-in. Both the police officers came to convince the protestors to end the road blocked and negotiate with health authorities. The chemist and druggist association was protesting against the amendments in the drug laws of Punjab province. The suicide bomber was able to come close to the police officers and protesting chemist and blow himself.

The government declared emergency inthe hospitals in lahore. The emergency services 1122 and police shifted the injured and dead bodies to the hospitals. Many injured are still in critical condition. Many media persons also injured in the bombing.

The Lahore is the second largest city of the country and considered the political, cultural and literary capital and heart of Pakistan. The terrorist struck Lahore multiple times in the past. But the situation improved in last couple of years.The violence recedes in last two years as the result of military operations and targetted actions against terrorists. The terrorists always choose the soft target. The terrorism takes more innocent lives.

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