Karachi Literature Festival brings out the real face of Pakistan

The well attended three day long Karachi Literature Festival ended in Karachi. More than one hundred thousand people attended this annual event with enthusiasm and keen interest. The jam-packed halls and sessions send the clear message that people still take keen interest in books, literature and art. Only few thousand people attended the first Karachi Literature Festival in 2008. It was generally believed that people in Pakistan no more interested in books, art and literature but this years event prove it wrong.

The people were forced to wait to enter into the sessions because of so many came to see and listen to the writers, journalists and intellectuals. Lahore and Islamabad literary festivals have also become permanent features in those cities. Faisalabad Literary Festival was also organised in 2016. This literary festival is spreading to more cities.

This is an important literary event to promote dialogue, discussion and debate among the different shades and colours of ideas. This event promotes the culture of tolerance, peace and respect.

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