Tribute and homage paid to Meraj Muhammad Khan- leading left figure and an icon of progressive politics

The speakers paid glowing tribute to the leading left figure in the country known as Meraj Muhammad Khan. His friends, comrades, close associates and political workers belonging to different left parties attended the book launching ceremony and seminar to galvanise the struggle of Meraj Muhammad Khan. The seminar was organised jointly by Fiction House, Progressive Writers Association, Youth vision and his old comrades. The speakers paid rich tribute to a man who spend his entire adult life in struggle. The seminar and book launching was organised in Al-Hamra hall at Mall road on Saturday. Mainly left wing and progressive political activists from across Lahore attended the jam-packed seminar.

Senator Aitzaz Ahsan and veteran politician and poet Aslam Gurdaspuri of PPP, former judge of Sindh High Court Rashid Rizvi, Arshad But, Asif Khan, Sheikh Khalid, Lal Khan and other prominent poets and writers were among the speakers.

The speakers informed the audience that Meraj never betrayed the working masses. He spent his whole life to organise the students, workers and peasants. He engaged himself to the struggle to improve the lives of millions of poor working class people. He was a honest, dedicated and ideological political leader who never compromise his ideas, principals and struggle to get personal gains. He devoted his whole life to make Pakistan a genuine democratic, independent and progressive country. He was a great human being and leader.

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