Emirates looking for alternate routes to expand after the US restrictions

Emirates airlines is looking for alternate routes to expand the operations and business after the US travel restrictions and visa ban. The Emirates wants to expand in Europe, Africa and Pacific and to start new routes. According to the top management of the Emirates Airlines, the US restrictions on carrying the laptops and other electronic gadgets in the cabin has affected the expansion plan. The Emirates is operating flights to 15 cities of US and planning to expand further before the new rules and regulations were imposed in March.

Now the Airlines is looking towards Africa and Europe to expand. The president of the Emirates Tim Clark made it clear that we will continue to expand and looking for new routes to fly.

We will achieve the targets of growth. Even though new travel restrictions and visa ban has reduced the number of passengers on the American routes. There is less passion to fly to US routes at the moment. The US government's restrictions and policies are not helping to expand in US market. That is why Emirates is looking at the other options.

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