Finally the Dawn leaks issue settled

The DG ISPR, the official spokesperson of Pakistan army cleared the air regarding the Dawn leaks issue. Major General Asif Ghafoor made it clear in the press conference that the army stands firmly with democracy and constitutional order in the country.

He said the Interior Ministry has issued notification according to the paragraph 18 of the inquiry committee and the misunderstandings of the past couple of weeks have been lifted.

He reiterated that the Pak Army is the strong institution of the state. We as an institution will continue to do, what is  right for the country and work with other institutions.

He made it clear that Pakistan Army values democracy as much as all other Pakistanis. We are in favour of a strong democracy and keeping the constitution in mind, continue to do what is better for the country.

This press conference of DG ISPR will clear most of the dust that was in the air for more than two weeks. All the conspiracy theorists now, must stop to put forward the dooms day scenarios for the democracy and constitutional order.

One must appreciate that both the civilian government and military leadership kept their heads cool during this whole episode. It was far more better not to bring this issue in the public and to wash the dirty linen in the public.

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