Inspector General police (IGP) Sindh wants to leave because of political hostility

The Inspector General Police in Sindh province told the Sindh High Court that  wants to leave his post because of increased political hostility from the PPP government. The provincial government twice removed him from his position but Sindh High Court suspended the government orders. AD Khawaja is known as an upright and honest officer. But his honesty and independence has become a crime in the eyes of the PPP government. It is another example of how the political masters wanted to use state officials for their own interests and when officers like A D Khawaja refused to do so then they try to remove them.

The Sindh government wants to appoint someone who will obey the orders from the political masters and make sure that the interests of PPP leadership be save guarded. The court asked the IGP to continue his job. IGP is not in good books of the senior PPP leadership. The reason is simple. The PPP leadership wants to control the police to use it in the up coming general elections. The feudal politicians use the police to put pressure on their opponents.

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