Pakistan will have more LNG at year end

The Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khan Abbasi told the audience of a event organised by PSO that the short fall of gas will be reduced to half by year-end. He said 1.5 billion cubic feet per day( bcfd) LNG will be available to the consumers. The minister said that the domestic production of the gas is stagnant at 4 bcfd for last 15 years as the consumption increased to 7 bcfd. There is shortfall of 3 bcfd at the moment.

He also told that the second LNG terminal will be operational in next two months. The first terminal already providing 600 mmcfd per day. He made it clear that Pakistan needs more LNG to not only meet the demand but also to supply the gas to LNG power plants to generate electricity to end the energy shortage.

The government is encouraging the private sector to import their own LNG to meet their demand and consumption. it will be challenge for the government to provide the uninterrupted gas supply to the LNG run power plants to fulfill the promise of ending the loadsheding.

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