Moderate reformist Iranian president Rouhani elected for 2nd term

The Iranian state television congratulated president Rouhani for wining the 2nd term as president. President Rouhani considered as moderate and reformist compare to the other right wing hard line candidates. President Rouhani got more than 59% votes. He got 23.5 million votes. The turn out was slightly over 70%. More than 41 million voters cast their ballots.  President Rouhani increased his share of votes compare to the last election, when he got 51% votes. The turn out was little lower then the last election when it was 73%.

President Rouhani criticised the powerful Revolutionary Guards and conservative hard liners in the election campaign. He was not a favourite candidate of most powerful supreme leader Khamnai who has the final say in all matters of state. His favourite candidate was hard liner Ebrahim Raisi got 15.8 million votes.

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